After a couple of years of health problems,
Dick has decided to enjoy the good life,
fishing, playing with old cars, even a little gardening,
& adding on to our retirement home.
We purchased a retirement home years ago
in the redwoods on the only undammed river in Calif.
the Smith River, a federally designated
wild & scenic river just a few miles south of the
Oregon border.
If you are vacationing along the Pacific North Coast please stop by & visit.


To Crescent City on the north coast amongst the
giant coastal Redwoods and the Smith River,
the last free flowing river in Calif.
with Chinook King Salmon and the Calif state record Steelhead.

Green House
After loosing more then a 100 tropicals
the first winter on the north coast
i knew i had to build a green house.
 i purchased this kit from  FarmTek

Dick also moved his Jaguar restoration garage to northern Calif.
but 4500 sq.ft has become too small. so the plan is to add on for a larger Garage.


Del Norte County has three specie of Trillium
ovatum, Trillium kurabayashii, & Trillium rivale).
i have found all three and documented them with images,
ovatum and Trillium kurbayashii grow wild on our property,
rivale grows at higher elevations.

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